Topps Changes Finest Distribution

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Topps Changes Finest Distribution

You may have already seen this but here what happened. Presumably because orders were a little soft, Topps changed the way they were selling Finest Baseball.

’16 Topps Finest Baseball will be available through two different distribution channels; through Topps MVP direct stores and via

Pre-Order Topps Finest Here (starting April 27th)

2016 Topps Finest Baseball Checklist

Distributors, hobby stores (non-direct and direct), breakers and consumers will be able to purchase ’16 Finest Baseball by the case at a price of $799.89/case plus shipping during a pre-order window from April 27th thru May 9th. Orders will be on a 1st come 1st serve basis while supplies last. These orders will be delivered on the release date.

Starting on May 18th, if there is inventory still available, orders by the box at $99.99 plus shipping as well as by the case at $799.89 each plus shipping will be available to purchase and will be shipped in the order they are received.

If Topps decided to do this with more products or with all their products how would it impact your business? These are things you should be thinking about now.

Speaking of now…… Have you looked at Topps Now? Some dealers are already flipping these cards on eBay or in their local store. They start at $9.99 with free shipping but you get a discount for bulk orders.

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