Sports Card Cases: How Much Do They Cost?

The table below displays the original pre-sale price of the factory, distributor and online retailer Blowout Cards

  • Factory Price: this is the original cost your wholesale distributor had to pay for the product.
  • Wholesale Pre-Sale: This is the price your wholesale distributor charged for the product on pre-sale.
  • Blowout Pre-Sale: This is the price online retailer Blowout Cards pre-sold the product for.
ProductBoxes Per-CaseFactory PriceWholesale Pre-SaleBlowout Pre-Sale
2016 Topps Heritage MLB12$608.10$636.00$749.95
2016 Topps Opening Day MLB20$392.57$450.00$474.95
2016 Topps Series 1 MLB12$535.86$570.00$654.95
2016 Topps Tribute MLB81,769.201,872.00$1,949.95
2015 Topps Valor NFL12$817.86$867.00$934.00
2015 Topps Update MLB12$535.86$570.00$649.00
2015 Topps Triple Threads NFL18$2,713.66 $2,880.00$2,949.00
2015 Topps Triple Threads MLB18$2,713.66 $2,880.00$2,974.00
2015 Topps Supreme MLB20$1,424.44 $1,510.00$1,574.00
2015 Topps Stadium Club MLB16$872.39$924.00$1,024.00
2015 Topps Series 2 MLB12$535.86$570.00$624.00
2015 Topps Series 2 Jumbo MLB8$450.64$478.00$574.00
2015 Topps Pro Debut MLB12$608.49$645.00$704.00
2015 Topps NFL12$535.86$570.00$614.00
2015 Topps Mini Chrome NFL12$637.93$678.00$734.00
2015 Topps Jumbo NFL6$450.64$478.00$524.00
2015 Topps Inception NFL8$561.60$596.00$689.00
2015 Topps High Tek NFL12$613.40$651.00$734.00
2015 Topps High Tek MLB12$613.40$651.00$729.00
2015 Topps Heritage Hi Number MLB12$608.10$645.00$729.00
2015 Topps Heritage 51 MLB24$1,624.73 $1,728.00$1,874.00
2015 Topps Five Star MLB8$817.86$868.00$999.00
2015 Topps Finest NFL8$618.30$656.00$734.00
2015 Topps Finest MLB8$618.30$656.00$734.00
2015 Topps Dynasty MLB5$1,022.33 $1,083.00$1,349.00
2015 Topps Complete Sets NFL12$408.98$435.00$504.00
2015 Topps Complete Sets MLB12$452.93$492.00$540.00
2015 Topps Chrome NFL12$637.93$678.00$724.00
2015 Topps Chrome MLB12$637.93$678.00$719.00
2015 Topps Chrome Jumbo MLB8$899.65$954.00$1,024.00
2015 Topps Chipz MLB12$220.11$264.00
2015 Topps Archives MLB10$700.09$742.00$1,004.00
2015 Topps Apex Soccer8$218.10$236.00$344.00
2015 Topps Allen & Ginter MLB12$840.11$891.00$984.00
2015 Leaf Trinity NFL12$1,080.00 $1,146.00$1,319.00
2015 Leaf Mini-Helmets NFL8$510.00$552.00$599.00
2015 Leaf Greatest Hits Basketball2$990.00$1,051.00$1,164.00
2015 Bowman NFL10$700.09$722.00$824.00
2015 Bowman Inception MLB8$561.60$596.00$674.00
2015 Bowman Chrome MLB12$638.91$678.00$734.00
2015 Bowman Chrome Jumbo MLB8$899.65$954.00$1,084.00

What is your margin selling sports card boxes?

Real slim. Not much more needs to be said. You’d be lucky to have a 10-20% profit margin on any sports card boxes, packs or breaks that you sell. If it was profitable buying and re-selling unopened boxes of cards everyone would do it. There would still be 5 baseball card stores in every town if it was easy making money selling unopened boxes of cards. How hard is it to call GTS Distribution or another distributor, order some boxes, put them in your store and price them? Not very hard. It doesn’t take a lot of money. It doesn’t take a specialized college degree. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised the margin is so small.

To have a successful sports card store you are going to need income coming in from a variety of sources. I wouldn’t count on sales of unopened wax to be a huge driver of revenue for you. Many people I’ve talked to about opening a sports card store seem way to focused on selling unopened wax.

Selling unopened product successfully will require high volume and a dedicated customer base. It’s best to focus on multiple streams of revenue for your card shop. Flipping unopened wax may end up being a small portion of your card store’s sales.

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