Register Your Business Name

Register Your Business Name

If Bob Jones opens a sports card store and calls it “Bob Jones Sports Cards” he won’t have to register his business name. That is because his last name is in the business title. If he wants to call the store VIP Sports cards he will need a fictitious business name.

You typically register your “Doing Business As” name with the county clerk or your state government. When I registered my business in California I had to place a fictitious business name notice in the local newspaper. After running your ad for about 4 weeks the newspaper will send you a “Proof of Publication.” There was a fee associated with this, for me it was $100. Check with your local agency to see how it is done in your state.

Not every state makes you do this so be sure to check. If you only have an online business, more then likely you will not need a fictitious business name.

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