List of Sports Card Group Breakers

Group Breaking has become a way for buyers to pool their money together and purchase a case. Many group break hosts have popped up over the years and they come and go quicker than hobby shops do. Below is a listing of group breakers who have been around for over a year.

Website: Nasty Breaks

Does several breaks per week, typically focusing on high end products. Went to Taipei and Tokyo as part of GTS Distribution’s promotion of group breaking overseas. Uploads their break videos toYouTube.

Nasty Breaks

Blowout Cards
Website: Blowout TV

The breaking arm of Blowout Sports Cards. Blowout TV Hours are 11:30am-5:00pm est Monday-Friday.

Blowout Cards
Blowout TV

Breakaway Sports Cards & Collectibles
584 Upper James St.
Hamilton, ON Canada
Website: Breakaway SC

Authorized Upper Deck Group Breakers. Does quite a few hockey breaks per week. Would be a good person to check out if you are from Canada. Typically posts a breaking schedule on their Breakers TV page.

Breakaway Sports Cards
Breakaway SC

Clouts N Chara
645 Victoria St. North
Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Website: Clouts N Chara

Well known hockey group breakers. If you live near Kitchener, Ontario you can visit their hobby shop which is open 7 days a week. Authorized Upper Deck group breaker.

Clouts N Chara

Dave & Adam’s Card World
55 Oriskany Dr.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Website: DA Card World

Online giants Blowout Cards and DA Card World stick their nose in every card business. Someday breakers will be complaining DA and Blowout put them out of business like brick and mortar owners do.

DA Card World
DA Card World Live

Finest Box Breaks
Website: Finest Box Breaks

Breaks a wide array of products and uploads their break videos to YouTube.

Finest Box Breaks

Fire Hand Cards
Website: Firehand Cards

Considered one of the original group breakers, many current breakers probably owe a debt of gratitude to Fire Hand Cards.

Firehand Cards

Friendly Box Breaks
Website: Friendly Box Breaks

Will tend to do smaller box breaks as opposed to breaking an entire case. Probably a good way to start out if you are trying to get into the business of breaking cards.

Friendly Box Breaks

Imperial Garden Sports Collectibles
10018-100 Ave
Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada
Website: Imperial Garden SC

Full service hobby store located in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. Authorized Upper Deck group breaker.

Imperial Garden Sports

Live Box Breaks
Website: Live Box Breaks

Does breaks on practically a daily basis, and also sells product by the pack. On their website they state how many hits are left in the box for their “Pick a Pack” breaks. It’s unique and I like the concept.

Live Box Breaks

MojoBreak Sports Card Shop
2080 Walsh Ave Suite B-1
Santa Clara, CA, 95050
Website: MojoBreak

One of the premiere sports card group breakers, well known for their customer service, and quality breaking experience. Authorized Upper Deck group breaker.

Mojo Break

Out Of The Box Sports Cards & Collectibles
2194 Robertson Road Unit#27C
Ottawa, Canada
Website: Out of the Box

Card store and group breaker located in Canada. Authorized Upper Deck Group Breaker. They also offer we offer magic tournaments, board game nights, monthly sports card traders nights etc.

Out of the Box

Website: Sports Box Breaks

Jason and Kevin have been personal friends for several years, and created SBB together.

Sports Box Breaks

Steel City Collectibles Inc.
2417 Walnut Street
McKeesport, PA 15132
Website: Steel City Collectibles

One of the larger full service, online, hobby shop, and group breaker. 

Steel City Collectibles

The Hobby Box
1313 S. College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403
Website: Cards Infinity

Well known for their “personal breaks” Cards Infinity is considered one of the originators of that method of selling boxes online.

Cards Infinity

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