How To Become An Upper Deck Diamond Dealer

Becoming an Upper Deck Diamond Dealer is only available to businesses with a physical store front. If you only sell online you can’t become an Upper Deck Diamond Dealer. Being an Upper Deck Diamond Dealer will allow you to buy and sell UD sports and entertainment products without having to buy them through back channel outlets.

Authorized Upper Deck wholesalers can only sell UD products to Diamond Dealers (you) within the 180 days of release which gives you a slight leg up on dealers who are not with UD.

This is the Upper Deck Diamond Dealer Application. Talk with your wholesale distributor you are signed up with about becoming a Diamond Dealer, they can assist you.

  • Your store has to be open at least 35 hours a week.
  • Your shop will only purchase current Upper Deck product (180 days after release) from an authorized Distributor
  • Your shop will not purchase current Upper Deck product (180 days after release) from outside sources including, but not limited to, secondary (eBay) and gray markets.
  • Your shop will ONLY sell current Upper Deck product to end Consumers.
  • Your shop is NOT permitted to sell online any sealed current Upper Deck product (180 days after release) unless Shop is accepted by UD as an Authorized Internet Retailer.
  • If your shop is located in the United States you can only sell within the U.S. for the first 180 days after a product is released. If you are located in Canada you can only sell in Canada for the first 180 days.


Upper Deck hosting their own Diamond Dealer Conference

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