Don’t Go Overboard on Your Initial Inventory

My best advice would be to open your store with as little inventory as possible and get a feel for what people in your area want to buy. You will make mistakes in your initial ordering for your brand new store. Don’t compound that problem by getting stuck with thousands of dollars of products that collect dust on your shelves.

For example, I didn’t realize there were so many Dallas Cowboys fans where I was located (California) – and I would have done better if I stocked more of their items and less of teams/items that weren’t popular in the area when I owned my card store.

Don’t go overboard with your inventory to start. You can easily and quickly buy more if you are able to move through some packs or boxes during your first few days of opening. People won’t be coming in and buying cases! Trust me, you won’t catch a whale in your first few days. You may find that cheaper packs sell the best. Or maybe your customers only want to buy football packs and don’t care about baseball. Each market is probably different. It’s best not to get stuck with a bunch of inventory that just sits on your shelf.

In my article about starting a card shop for $10,000, I left myself $300 a month for an entire year so that I could buy inventory as my business developed. Leave yourself some money so that you can purchase new items from your store throughout the first year you are open instead of blowing it all in the beginning.

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