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New Quidd App Has Topps Card Ties

A new trading card app by Quidd combines the world of Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC Comics and more under one hood. While I am sure the app is fun and all, the real interesting part is that the same people who started Quidd, were also instrumental in starting Topps Digital. 

Not only does Michael Branlage credit himself with founding Topps Digital, he also convinced Topps ownership to write a 7-figure check to fund the idea. And oh yeah, he also claims to have negotiated the key licenses on behalf of Topps.

In short, this guy sounds like he was the Mike Trout of Topps Digital.

It gets better. The developers of the Topps Digital apps is New York firm Dog on a Horse. Check out who works at Quidd now:

Not to be out done, Topps has been busy making significant investments into digital. 

The company is in the process of hiring more than a dozen jobs in a new Orlando studio that pay an average annual salary of $87,778.  Topps will also release several more apps, with The Walking Dead: Card Trader, being the most recent.

How Shops Can Profit From Topps Now

Hopefully prior to reading this you’ve started your online store. This will provide you the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to complete this next task. 

Topps Now

Beginning on MLB Opening Day 2016, Topps will now print to order cards based on day-to-day events that occur during the MLB season. The cards are only available for purchase on the website for 24 hours. Pricing starts at $9.99 with free shipping. A complete checklist with print runs can be found on the Topps website.

With the cards not being sold in traditional packs and only being sold directly on the Topps website, it would appear as though there is no direct way to profit from Topps Now cards.

But I’ve identified two ways that store owners can potentially profit from these cards and will provide two real world examples.

  • Buy and Flip... Or How About a Club?

The idea behind this should be very simple for you to understand. You’re opening or have a card store, perhaps some of these Topps Now cards can be flipped in your store. The cards get cheaper the more you buy. Free shipping is included.

Topps Now Pricing:

  • 1 Card = $9.99 each
  • 5 Cards = $5.99 each
  • 10 Cards = $4.99 each
  • 20 Cards = $3.99 each

If they create a card of a player in your local market, ordering 20 and charging $9.99 for them in your store or online might work. Or maybe you take pre-orders on them yourself and take little to no risk at all. 

Here is an example of a dealer who has created a Topps Now buyers club. Couldn’t you do this in your own store or with your own online reach?

This is a perfect example why you need to set up your own website and potentially an online store. By doing this you can take advantage of anything that Topps decides to do.

  • Get Paid By Topps.... No Really.....

In the Opening an Online Store article I mentioned how I made well over six figures from affiliate income on the website Sports Card Radio. Providing information about cards has always been more lucrative for me compared to trying to sell the cards myself.

You won’t make six figures flipping Topps Now cards in your store. In fact, the print runs have been low for many of the initial cards they released. 

Despite the low print runs, I did notice that some of the secondary market values for the cards were decent. I saw that as an opportunity to promote the cards and began putting banners up on the various sports card websites I own to promote Topps Now.

The good news is, you can get paid by Topps to sell Topps Now cards or anything else they carry on their website. 

I’ll show how much I made in just a few days with very little effort and I’ll walk you through how you can do the same on your own websites. 

In 6 days I referred $699.98 worth of business to These were from a couple homemade banners I made and put on Sports Card Radio. The banners took you to the dedicated Topps Now page on the Topps website. Despite two of the purchases being for Translucent Football, I still get credit for anything they buy on the Topps site.

Topps pays a measly 3% of sales for affiliates. That is on the lower end of the spectrum for affiliate deals, but this is an easy conversion for me, so I’ll take just about any percentage I can get. 

So from the $699.98 in sales, Topps will pay me $21. This is all done through their affiliate provider, Rakuten Affiliate Network. While $21 doesn’t seem like very much, this comes from just throwing up a couple banners that took 5 minutes to make.

By having some early success, I can dedicate more time to the Topps affiliate program and will probably use Facebook and/or Google ads to test the profit possibilities and hopefully make some real money.

But lets not get too complicated right now… let’s just show you how to sign up for the Topps network yourself. 

  • Rakuten Affiliate Network

Go To: Rakuten Affiliate Network and log in or register for a new account. Registering for an account is very similar to other affiliate accounts. Provide as much information as you can about your website. Advertisers like to know you speak English and are from the U.S. or Canada.

Once you are logged in and approved, find Topps and apply to their program. One easy way to find them is in the Advertiser search box.

Once you find their page, go ahead and apply under the offers tab:

The next thing you are going to have to do is wait. You will not get accepted right away. It took me several weeks to get approved for the program, but the wait time may have been cut down.

This is part of the website game. You have to be patient and wait to get accepted into programs at times. If you have a sports card website with even moderate traffic, this should be a converting program for you. In other words, it will be worth the wait.

Once accepted into the program, the first thing you might notice is the banners and links that Topps currently provides are weak. It’s like they haven’t updated the program in awhile. So what I had to do was go to the “Deep Linking” option and link to the Topps Now page myself. I also created my own banners to help entice clicks.

You can go to any page on the Topps website and create an affiliate link on the Rakuten Affiliate Network. 

  • Select Topps as your Advertiser.
  • Paste the link you want into the URL box.
  • Pick the type of link you want. (Most of the time you will use URL)
  • Click Create Link
  • Add the link to your website just like you’d hyperlink anything else.

These links can be put on your own website, on social media, or even into your email campaigns to your subscribers. You can promote anything Topps sells on their website and get a percentage of the sale. If Topps begins to sell more product exclusively through their own website, you can directly benefit from it.

Don’t be one of these hobby shops that grumbles and complains every time Topps, Upper Deck or Panini decides to try something new. Most of the time, with a little bit of thought and effort, you can profit from any situation thrown your way.

Topps Now

Topps Changes Finest Distribution

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Topps Changes Finest Distribution

You may have already seen this but here what happened. Presumably because orders were a little soft, Topps changed the way they were selling Finest Baseball.

’16 Topps Finest Baseball will be available through two different distribution channels; through Topps MVP direct stores and via

Pre-Order Topps Finest Here (starting April 27th)

2016 Topps Finest Baseball Checklist

Distributors, hobby stores (non-direct and direct), breakers and consumers will be able to purchase ’16 Finest Baseball by the case at a price of $799.89/case plus shipping during a pre-order window from April 27th thru May 9th. Orders will be on a 1st come 1st serve basis while supplies last. These orders will be delivered on the release date.

Starting on May 18th, if there is inventory still available, orders by the box at $99.99 plus shipping as well as by the case at $799.89 each plus shipping will be available to purchase and will be shipped in the order they are received.

If Topps decided to do this with more products or with all their products how would it impact your business? These are things you should be thinking about now.

Speaking of now…… Have you looked at Topps Now? Some dealers are already flipping these cards on eBay or in their local store. They start at $9.99 with free shipping but you get a discount for bulk orders.

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Updated Topps Release Dates:

2015 Museum Collection Football
Release Date: Wednesday, February 3rd

2016 Series 1 Baseball
Release Date: Wednesday, February 3rd

2015 Fire Football
Release Date: Wednesday, February 3rd

2015 UFC Chronicles
Release Date: Wednesday, February 3rd

2015 EPL Premier Gold Soccer
Release Date: Friday, February 5th

2016 WWE Road to Wrestlemania
Release Date: Friday, February 19th

2015 Definitive Collection Football
Release Date: Wednesday, February 24th

2015 Supreme Football
Release Date: Wednesday, February 24th

2015 Strata Football
Release Date: Wednesday, February 24th

2015 Diamond Football
Release Date: Friday, February 26th

2015 Field Access Football
Release Date: Friday, February 26th

2016 Heritage Baseball
Release Date: Wednesday, March 2nd

2016 MLB Wacky Packages
Release Date: Wednesday, March 9th

2016 Opening Day Baseball
Release Date: Wednesday, March 16th

2016 Star Wars The Force Awakens Series 2
Release Date: Wednesday, March 23rd

2016 Champions League Soccer
Release Date: Wednesday, March 23rd

2016 Museum Collection Baseball
Release Date: Wednesday, March 30th