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Buying Sport Card Supplies At Wholesale

Virtually every sports card distributor you sign up with will have a wide selection of sports card supplies, like soft sleeves, cardboard boxes and top loaders for you to purchase. Unlike unopened boxes, you have to pay shipping on any large order of supplies that you buy from your distributor. If you need or sell a lot of supplies, you may want to set up a direct account with Cardboard Gold or BCW. Ultra Pro doesn’t offer a direct account.


Cardboard Gold: – Dealer Information – Minimum order $1,500. Cardboard Gold makes my favorite card holder, the Card Saver 1. They are perfect for thicker cards or if you are sending cards in to be graded by PSA or BGS.

Ultra Pro: – Wholesaler Accounts – You’ll have to buy your Ultra Pro products through a normal distribution channel.

BCW Supplies: – Dealer Information – BCW offers wholesale pricing and you’ll need to register on their website to get additional information.