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GTS Distribution Acquires Global Enterprises

GTS Distribution announced on May 4, 2016 that it was acquiring Global Enterprises, headquartered in Hauppauge, NY.

Global Enterprises is a gaming card distributor with a 25 years experience servicing customers, 13 in the wholesale business. They carried various gaming products such as Pokemon, Cardfight and Magic the Gathering. In a press release on the GTS Distribution website, Ed Storey, Owner of Global Enterprises, said “We would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty, friendship and support over the years.”

Sports Card Wholesaler: Southern Hobby Supply

Looking for a premiere distributor in the United States with distribution centers in New York, Reno, Nashville, St. Louis and Chicago??? Look no further than Southern Hobby Supply. Give a quick look at the inventory on their website, and you’ll see that they represent all of the major sports and non-sport trading card companies as well as most of the major games and toy manufacturers. Remember, this is a true wholesale distributor – meaning you will need your states resale tax-ID number to get access to their pricing.


Phone: 800-473-2804

Fax: 615-360-9776

Apply For A New Account

You Will Need To Know:

New Customer Application

Follow the steps outlined by Southern Hobby by clicking the button above. They have a credit card approval form you need to fill out and some other forms if you plan on selling specific manufactures products.

southern hobby supply logo

211 Ellery Court
Nashville, TN  37214

1620 Fullerton Court. Suite 200
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

St. Louis
1208 Ambassador Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63132

New York
1638 New Highway
Farmingdale, NY 11735

1312 Capital Blvd. Suite 101
Reno, NV 89502

With 5 locations across the country, Southern Hobby can ship to 95% of the U.S. in a 1 of 2 day transit time. That type of lead time is critical if you own a smaller retail location … mainly because you won’t have a ton of space to stock excess inventory, and having a distributor like Southern Hobby Supply that can deliver within 2 days means you can run tighter inventory controls. One thing that really makes Southern Hobby Supply different than almost any other distributor is they also offer an extensive route deliver service to over 90 major cities across the USA. If your store/location falls into their delivery area, you could save $1,000’s each year in shipping costs because they will deliver everything to you personally.

I met this wholesale distributor all the way back at the 2011 Las Vegas Sports Card Industry Summit, and there’s lot to like about this distributor. First, they have the staffing, and locations to serve just about anyone in the business.  Second – if you’re just a sports card guy … you’re really going to need to branch out and start selling other (higher margin) items. Typically board games, gaming cards, toys and supplies have higher margins … and in my experience customers tend to dicker less on the price of those items since you are going to price those in-line with what they can be found at Target or other large retailers. With locations spanning coast to coast in the United States, you honestly should register with Southern Hobby Supply right now and start exploring all the products they have for re-sale.

Gaming Card Wholesale Distributors

A list of gaming card wholesale distributors. If you have a brick and mortar store or sell Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Cardfight, or other TCG’s  online, hopefully these distributors can help you make money!

If you are looking for just sports card distributors go here.

United States

Southern Hobby Supply – full service distributor. Would be wise to sign up with them, they are large and well established. Southern Hobby Supply represents all of the major sports and non-sport trading card companies as well as most of the major games and toy manufacturers. 
Locations: Nashville, TN – St. Louis, MO – Chicago, IL – Long Island, NY – NEW Reno, NV

ACD Distribution – Carries tons of TCG’s, board games and lots of other products. Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, they will have it all.
Locations: Fresno, CA – Middleton, WI – Harrisburg, PA

All Sports Marketing – Carries Yu-Gi-Oh, Bushiroad, Pokemon, Funko, Board Games and of course a full line of sports card products.
Locations: Batavia, IL

Global Enterprises – was founded in 2000. Direct accounts with companies like Gogo’s Crazy Bones, USAopoly, Topps, and Bushiroad USA and more.
Update: Purchased by GTS Distribution in May 2016.
Locations: Hauppauge, NY

Gold River Distributors – authorized distributor for: Konami (Yu-Gi-Oh) and Pokemon.
Locations: Rocklin, CA

GTS Distribution – full service distributor that will have lots of gaming items. You’ll want to sign up with GTS if you open or have a gaming card store.
Locations: 10 across the United States

Mad Al Distribution – wide array of gaming products, from Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight, Pop! figures, and more.
Locations: Anchorage, AK – Corbin, KY

Magazine Exchange – authorized Wizard of the Coast distributor, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. Long time, well established west coast distributor.
Locations: Grants Pass, OR

Peachstate Hobby Distribution – carries lots of items from dice, TCG’s, miniatures, RPG’s, supplies, board games and more.
Locations: Orlando, FL – Boundbrook, NJ – Dallas TX

Sweet Deal – Carries Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and other non gaming products. Definitely sign up for them if you are in California.
Locations: Northridge, CA

West Coast Sports Cards & Games – inventory includes Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight, Weiss Schwarz, Magic the Gathering and more.
Locations: Federal Way, WA

Buy Yu-Gi-Oh Products
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Become an Official Tournament Store (OTS)

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Banter Toys & Collectibles – wide variety of trading card, toys and other items. A supplier to Target, Kmart, Myer and more, they have enough product to certainly fill your shelves.
Locations: Lynbrook VIC

OzAnimart – distributes games, trading cards, anime and other products to over 100 stores across Australia.
Locations: Maidstone, VIC

VR Distribution – they carry toys, trading cards, clothing, board games and more.


Intrafin – toys, games and merchandise distributor founded in 1991. Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, board games and lots more.
Location: Belgium


Grosnor Distribution – One of the best distributors to sign up with in Canada. They will have what you’ll need as far as gaming cards.
Locations: Brampton, Ontario

Universal Distribution – along with Gronsor, you will want to set up an account with Universal if you are a dealer from Canada.
Locations: Surrey, BC – Montreal, QC


963 Distribution – considered one of China’s largest wholesale distributor. They carry lots of products from Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, Topps, Panini, Futera, and more.
Locations: 地址上海市浦东新区微捷路号栋


Bergsala Enigma – carries several collectible card games including: Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Adrenalyn XL, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more.
Locations: DK-2650 Hvidovre


Abysse Corp – Carries licensed Magic the Gathering card protectors and accessories.
Locations: France

Heo – One of the leading distributors of licensed products from the world of pop culture. They carry Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Bushiroad, Cardfight, Vanguard and many more.

Ynaris – distributes collectible card games like Vanguard, Buddyfight and Weiss Schwarz in English but also Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and accessories.


ADC Blackfire Entertainment – European distributor selling several Trading Card Games including Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight!! Vanguard, and Pokemon.

Heo – One of the leading distributors of licensed products from the world of pop culture. They carry Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Bushiroad, Cardfight, Vanguard and many more.


Kaissa – distributes games for several major companies including: Wizards of the Coast, Pokemon Company, Ultra Pro, Konami, Fantasy Flight, Games Workshop, AEG, Safari, Gigamic, Eureka and many others.
Locations: Athens, Greece


I Giochi Dei Grandi – distributes cards for several major companies including: Wizards of the Coast, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings and many others.
Locations: Verona, Italy


Heo – One of the leading distributors of licensed products from the world of pop culture. They carry Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Bushiroad, Cardfight, Vanguard and many more.

Mint UltraPro – authorized wholesale distributor of Ultra Pro products for Japan.
Locations: Taito-ku, Tokyo Komagata


Academy Plastic Model Co – Carries a ton of stuff from games to cards to toys. Vanguard official Korean supplier.


GamesMart – will be one of your go to sources if you are in Mexico selling Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, My Little Pony, and more.
Locations: Colonia Insurgentes Mixcoac, C.P.


ISA Sp – Polish distributor for Cryptozoic, Alderac, Pokemon, Konami, Ultra Pro, Wizards of the Coast and more.
Locations: Poland


World of Fantasy – is a specialist in the production and distribution of board games and collectible card games in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Locations: Russia


Genesis Frontier – authorized distributor for Ultra Pro, Ban Dai, Bushiroad, Good Smile Company, Vanguard and more.
Locations: Singapore 409959

South Africa

Blowfish Entertainment – South Africa’s leading distributor of trading card games, collectable toys and board games.
Locations: South Africa

South America

Devir – promotes, organizes and supports a number of events and tournaments throughout Brazil. The distributor to go through if you are in South America.
Locations: Cambuci – São Paulo – SP


SD Distributions – dedicated to the distribution of comics and specialty items leisure. Panini Comics, Toys Neca, Upper Deck Entertainment, DVD’s, books, card games and more.
Locations: Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, Spain

Heo – One of the leading distributors of licensed products from the world of pop culture. They carry Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Bushiroad, Cardfight, Vanguard and many more.


The Card Cabinet – carries various sports and trading card game products.
Locations: Sweden

United Kingdom

Esdevium Games – UK-based distributor of games, collectibles and toys both domestically and across Europe.
Locations: Alton, Hampshire

Heo – One of the leading distributors of licensed products from the world of pop culture. They carry Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Bushiroad, Cardfight, Vanguard and many more.

How To Become An Upper Deck Diamond Dealer

Becoming an Upper Deck Diamond Dealer is only available to businesses with a physical store front. If you only sell online you can’t become an Upper Deck Diamond Dealer. Being an Upper Deck Diamond Dealer will allow you to buy and sell UD sports and entertainment products without having to buy them through back channel outlets.

Authorized Upper Deck wholesalers can only sell UD products to Diamond Dealers (you) within the 180 days of release which gives you a slight leg up on dealers who are not with UD.

This is the Upper Deck Diamond Dealer Application. Talk with your wholesale distributor you are signed up with about becoming a Diamond Dealer, they can assist you.

  • Your store has to be open at least 35 hours a week.
  • Your shop will only purchase current Upper Deck product (180 days after release) from an authorized Distributor
  • Your shop will not purchase current Upper Deck product (180 days after release) from outside sources including, but not limited to, secondary (eBay) and gray markets.
  • Your shop will ONLY sell current Upper Deck product to end Consumers.
  • Your shop is NOT permitted to sell online any sealed current Upper Deck product (180 days after release) unless Shop is accepted by UD as an Authorized Internet Retailer.
  • If your shop is located in the United States you can only sell within the U.S. for the first 180 days after a product is released. If you are located in Canada you can only sell in Canada for the first 180 days.


Upper Deck hosting their own Diamond Dealer Conference

More Information

Sports Card Cases: How Much Do They Cost?

The table below displays the original pre-sale price of the factory, distributor and online retailer Blowout Cards

  • Factory Price: this is the original cost your wholesale distributor had to pay for the product.
  • Wholesale Pre-Sale: This is the price your wholesale distributor charged for the product on pre-sale.
  • Blowout Pre-Sale: This is the price online retailer Blowout Cards pre-sold the product for.
ProductBoxes Per-CaseFactory PriceWholesale Pre-SaleBlowout Pre-Sale
2016 Topps Heritage MLB12$608.10$636.00$749.95
2016 Topps Opening Day MLB20$392.57$450.00$474.95
2016 Topps Series 1 MLB12$535.86$570.00$654.95
2016 Topps Tribute MLB81,769.201,872.00$1,949.95
2015 Topps Valor NFL12$817.86$867.00$934.00
2015 Topps Update MLB12$535.86$570.00$649.00
2015 Topps Triple Threads NFL18$2,713.66 $2,880.00$2,949.00
2015 Topps Triple Threads MLB18$2,713.66 $2,880.00$2,974.00
2015 Topps Supreme MLB20$1,424.44 $1,510.00$1,574.00
2015 Topps Stadium Club MLB16$872.39$924.00$1,024.00
2015 Topps Series 2 MLB12$535.86$570.00$624.00
2015 Topps Series 2 Jumbo MLB8$450.64$478.00$574.00
2015 Topps Pro Debut MLB12$608.49$645.00$704.00
2015 Topps NFL12$535.86$570.00$614.00
2015 Topps Mini Chrome NFL12$637.93$678.00$734.00
2015 Topps Jumbo NFL6$450.64$478.00$524.00
2015 Topps Inception NFL8$561.60$596.00$689.00
2015 Topps High Tek NFL12$613.40$651.00$734.00
2015 Topps High Tek MLB12$613.40$651.00$729.00
2015 Topps Heritage Hi Number MLB12$608.10$645.00$729.00
2015 Topps Heritage 51 MLB24$1,624.73 $1,728.00$1,874.00
2015 Topps Five Star MLB8$817.86$868.00$999.00
2015 Topps Finest NFL8$618.30$656.00$734.00
2015 Topps Finest MLB8$618.30$656.00$734.00
2015 Topps Dynasty MLB5$1,022.33 $1,083.00$1,349.00
2015 Topps Complete Sets NFL12$408.98$435.00$504.00
2015 Topps Complete Sets MLB12$452.93$492.00$540.00
2015 Topps Chrome NFL12$637.93$678.00$724.00
2015 Topps Chrome MLB12$637.93$678.00$719.00
2015 Topps Chrome Jumbo MLB8$899.65$954.00$1,024.00
2015 Topps Chipz MLB12$220.11$264.00
2015 Topps Archives MLB10$700.09$742.00$1,004.00
2015 Topps Apex Soccer8$218.10$236.00$344.00
2015 Topps Allen & Ginter MLB12$840.11$891.00$984.00
2015 Leaf Trinity NFL12$1,080.00 $1,146.00$1,319.00
2015 Leaf Mini-Helmets NFL8$510.00$552.00$599.00
2015 Leaf Greatest Hits Basketball2$990.00$1,051.00$1,164.00
2015 Bowman NFL10$700.09$722.00$824.00
2015 Bowman Inception MLB8$561.60$596.00$674.00
2015 Bowman Chrome MLB12$638.91$678.00$734.00
2015 Bowman Chrome Jumbo MLB8$899.65$954.00$1,084.00

What is your margin selling sports card boxes?

Real slim. Not much more needs to be said. You’d be lucky to have a 10-20% profit margin on any sports card boxes, packs or breaks that you sell. If it was profitable buying and re-selling unopened boxes of cards everyone would do it. There would still be 5 baseball card stores in every town if it was easy making money selling unopened boxes of cards. How hard is it to call GTS Distribution or another distributor, order some boxes, put them in your store and price them? Not very hard. It doesn’t take a lot of money. It doesn’t take a specialized college degree. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised the margin is so small.

To have a successful sports card store you are going to need income coming in from a variety of sources. I wouldn’t count on sales of unopened wax to be a huge driver of revenue for you. Many people I’ve talked to about opening a sports card store seem way to focused on selling unopened wax.

Selling unopened product successfully will require high volume and a dedicated customer base. It’s best to focus on multiple streams of revenue for your card shop. Flipping unopened wax may end up being a small portion of your card store’s sales.

Sign Up With Beckett Media

Think what you want about their price guide, people will still come into your store looking for Beckett Magazines. The Baseball, Football, and Basketball magazines still come out monthly.

These can be easy sellers for you, and best of all, you can send back whatever you don’t sell via USPS Media Mail and get a refund. When you send back your magazines to Beckett, make sure you rip off the front cover.

Minimum Order: 3
Wholesale Cost: $5.00
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99
Contact: Beckett Dealers – 239-280-2380

In addition to the monthly magazines, you’ll also be able to purchase the annual price guides and special publications they come out with. When I had my card store (2006-2008) I always found that Beckett was easy to deal with and the magazines sold very well.

Sports Card Wholesaler: GTS Distribution

Opening an account with GTS Distribution is fairly straight forward. They have ten locations around the United States, and are considered one of the top distributors for sports cards. GTS also carries many other products that you can sell in your store including: Magic The Gathering, Books and Magazines, Supplies, Toys, Games and many other licensed products. If you are opening a sports card store it’s definitely worth it to sign up for a GTS account.

GTS is wholesale only and does not sell to the general public.
To sign up for GTS follow these steps:

You Will Need To Know:

If you are an online only seller then GTS will want to know about your website and how you plan to sell their products. I know of online sellers who have been turned down by GTS because they didn’t have a website that was ready to go when applying.

GTS has many different locations, and you will be dealing with the location closest to you:

GTS Distribution– Arizona
1000 S. Park Ln Suite 7 & 8
Tempe, AZ 85281

GTS Distribution– Northern California
88 Bonaventura Dr.
San Jose, CA 95134

GTS Distribution– Southern California
1410 N. Batavia Street
Orange, CA 92867

GTS Distribution– Orlando
1175 Florida Central Parkway, Suite 3000
Longwood, FL 32750

GTS Distribution– Atlanta
1800 Wilson Way Suite 7
Smyrna, GA 30082

GTS Distribution– Hawaii
296 Mokauea Street, Suite 102
Honolulu, HI 96819

GTS Distribution– Corporate Office
12407 Mukilteo Speedway Ste 100
Lynnwood, WA 98087

GTS Distribution– Washington
12407 Mukilteo Speedway Ste 100
Lynnwood, WA 98087

GTS Distribution– Michigan
4320 Airwest Drive
Kentwood, MI 49512

GTS Distribution– Pennsylvania
1302 North Sherman Street
Allentown, PA 18109

GTS Distribution– Boston
27 Draper Street
Woburn, MA 01801

How To Become A Panini America Dealer

It’s quite easy buying Panini America products at wholesale prices from one of the sports card distributors you are signed up with. You don’t need to go through Panini for that. And let’s be honest, DA Card World and Blowout Cards have prices that are at or below wholesale as well. While it may seem like a dream come true to have a direct account with Panini, and bypass your wholesale distributor, trust me, the prices aren’t that much different.

This Panini America PDF will outline the details of a direct application. I’ve added some of that information below.

If you still want to take the time and set up a direct account with Panini you need to meet all of these qualifications:

  • 60% of your business must come from your store location.
  • Your store has to be open at least 40 hours a week.
  • Can’t sell below wholesale MAPP (minimum advertised pricing policy) pricing for 30 days after the release of a product.
  • Can’t open product before “official” release date.
  • Internet Retailers must maintain a price 20% above the direct cost for 15 days after the release date.
  • You may post on Dealernet B2B as long as you follow the MAPP rules.
  • U.S. sellers can’t sell into Canada for 180 days.

You’ll need to submit these items when you are submitting your Panini direct application.

  • 4 pictures of your store. Must show outside sinage, including front door, windows matching the name and address of the store and building marquee. Pictures of the inside including the Panini products you currently sell.
  • Yellow Pages Directory Listing – you should have a free listing in your local book.
  • Copy of your Sales Tax Permit
  • Copy of your most recent sales tax filing.
  • A copy of your lease agreement with your landlord.
  • Copy of most recent utility bill.
  • Copy of your state business license – if your state requires one.

Complete information on becoming a Panini America Dealer can be found on their official application:
Panini Dealer Account

Panini America Logo