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2016 Panini Fathers Day Promotion

The annual Panini Fathers Day promotion takes place on Sunday, June 19. This years version will feature the very 1st memorabilia cards of the 2016 NFL Draft Class. In addition, look for autographs and memorabilia cards from Racing and Soccer stars.

Below is initial dealer information for the packs. The price is what you will pay per box from your distributor, and underneath that shows how many Fathers Day packs you’ll get for ordering each box.

The Panini Fathers Day promotion is only for brick & mortar hobby store owners.

Contact your Sports Card Distributor for information how to get packs.

2016 Panini Hobby Roundtable Program

Panini America has added what they say are improvements to the 2016 Panini Hobby Shop Roundtable program. Below you can view the new re-qualification form that needs to be filled out and returned by Friday, March 4th, 2016.

Panini is re-qualifying everyone to ensure that Roundtable stores are purchasing 30% of Panini’s total release calendar throughout the year.

Contact your wholesale distributor to sign up for the Roundtable program.


Dear Hobby Store Owner,

The Panini Roundtable is Panini America’s hobby rewards programs exclusively for brick-and-mortar retailers. The Panini Roundtable has been developed to support, incentivize and reward brick-and-mortar stores who have continually supported Panini’s product portfolio. In order to become a qualified Panini Roundtable member, retailer’s must purchased an average of 30 percent or more of Panini’s products on an annual (January – December) basis.
To become a memeber, please complete the following application. Completed applications may be emailed to either your authorized Panini distributor or to the address provided below.


Please complete the following in full:

Contact Name: ________________________________________________________________

Business Name: _______________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: __________________ Zip: ____________

Ship-to Address: (if different from above)

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: __________________ Zip: ____________

Phone: _________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________

• Primary Panini Authorized Distributor(s):_______________________________________

• Number of years in business as store owner: ____________________________________

• What is projected annual revenue from Panini Sports Cards?________________________

• What is projected annual revenue from Panini Sports Cards on your website?___________

• Do you break product for reselling singles on the internet? If yes, what percentage of your annual revenue is generated from these sales?___________________________________

• If you display/sell singles, boxes and/or cases at card shows? _____ How many shows do you attend on an annual basis? _____

List the percentage of Panini products you sell in your store by category:

• _____ Football

• _____ Baseball

• _____ Basketball

• _____ Soccer

• _____ Entertainment (Non-Sport)

Completed applications may be emailed to either your distributor or Email submission subject lines should read “Panini America Roundtable Application”.

We appreciate your support,

Meghan Goldate
Direct Sales Account Executive
Panini America, Inc.

Panini Use Only
Distributor Sign-off – ___________________________ Panini Sign-off – ______________________________
Distributor Account #- ____________ Date Confirmed – ___________ Roundtable memeber # – _______________

How To Become A Panini America Dealer

It’s quite easy buying Panini America products at wholesale prices from one of the sports card distributors you are signed up with. You don’t need to go through Panini for that. And let’s be honest, DA Card World and Blowout Cards have prices that are at or below wholesale as well. While it may seem like a dream come true to have a direct account with Panini, and bypass your wholesale distributor, trust me, the prices aren’t that much different.

This Panini America PDF will outline the details of a direct application. I’ve added some of that information below.

If you still want to take the time and set up a direct account with Panini you need to meet all of these qualifications:

  • 60% of your business must come from your store location.
  • Your store has to be open at least 40 hours a week.
  • Can’t sell below wholesale MAPP (minimum advertised pricing policy) pricing for 30 days after the release of a product.
  • Can’t open product before “official” release date.
  • Internet Retailers must maintain a price 20% above the direct cost for 15 days after the release date.
  • You may post on Dealernet B2B as long as you follow the MAPP rules.
  • U.S. sellers can’t sell into Canada for 180 days.

You’ll need to submit these items when you are submitting your Panini direct application.

  • 4 pictures of your store. Must show outside sinage, including front door, windows matching the name and address of the store and building marquee. Pictures of the inside including the Panini products you currently sell.
  • Yellow Pages Directory Listing – you should have a free listing in your local book.
  • Copy of your Sales Tax Permit
  • Copy of your most recent sales tax filing.
  • A copy of your lease agreement with your landlord.
  • Copy of most recent utility bill.
  • Copy of your state business license – if your state requires one.

Complete information on becoming a Panini America Dealer can be found on their official application:
Panini Dealer Account

Panini America Logo