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One Month Selling Cards on eBay, COMC & Amazon

After doing my taxes I realized I wasn’t spending enough on my business. It’s something I’ve struggled with the last couple years. I have some of the best computers and internet service money can buy. Aside from time and money, those are the two key expenses in my line of work. 

So if I couldn’t spend money on my own business, I needed to start another one. I’ve sold before on eBay and I want to sell on Amazon, so why not give it a shot. 

Many hobby shop owners or part time sellers may have much more inventory to start with, which could greatly add to your own success. I began selling this month on eBay and Amazon with essentially zero starting inventory. I have a long history of selling on COMC and came into the month with about 35,000 cards for sale. 

Most of the products for my eBay and Amazon inventory was purchased from wholesalers found on the Official Hobby Wholesale List.

Here is how I did in March.

Total Orders
  • Total Sales: $1,369.20
  • Net Selling Costs: $543.63
  • Shipping Supplies Cost: $22.69
  • Cost of Goods Sold: $492.44
  • Total Profit: $310.44

Net Selling Costs Include: eBay Store Fee ($24.95 a month), all USPS/FedEx shipping fees, eBay Final Value Fees and PayPal fees.

Shipping Supplies Cost Include: Bubble Mailers, tape, mailing labels, top loaders, snap tights, etc.

eBay Account: NorCal-Sports-Cards

What I have left:

Total Inventory: $4,819
Total Shipping Supplies Inventory: $74
- As of 3/31/2017

Here are all my orders from March on eBay:

I shop quite often on Amazon and am surprised I don’t see more card products for sale. As I found out over the course of the month, the rules, restrictions and understanding seller fees is probably what prohibits many sellers from taking advantage of the channel. 

Despite the challenges that Amazon poses over eBay, it is something I am very intrigued by. I sent in a very small amount of inventory to Amazon, compared to what I had listed on eBay. One day I sold 11 boxes. Who knows how many I would of sold if I didn’t run out of inventory. 

I am intentionally vague about what I am selling on Amazon because it is something I might invest some time and money into. 

Total Items Sold: 27
Total Fees: A Lot
Advertising: $2.68
Total Profit: $104.69

Total Inventory Listed on Amazon: $943.08

You can see how little inventory I have listed for sale on Amazon at months end. Only $943. It didn’t take much of an investment in terms of time or money to make the $104 I did on Amazon during March. 

I had my best month selling cards on COMC in several years. 

Total Cards Sold: 1,253
Advertising Fees: $18
Storage Fee: $8.27
Revenue: $550.80

I am on a lifelong freeroll on COMC after flipping over 75,000 cards. I break down one of my large COMC accounts on YouTube.

COMC Account: Sports Card Radio

Here are my all-time stats from that large account:


I had a lot of fun selling items on eBay. Was pleasantly surprised that despite only having about 300 listings active at any given time during the month, things did sell. Most were fixed priced, buy it now listings, with an offer option. 

But eBay won’t work for me most months. My full time business from July – December requires 10+ hour days. The time it took to make $300 on eBay was far too much. I’ll stick at it for the next few months, because it is fun and I have $5,000 in inventory to burn through. But I will have to limit my hours spent on eBay toward the end of July.

Once I got over the hurdle of learning the complex nature of Amazon categories, restricted categories, FBA fees, inventory placement fees, storage fees, long term storage fees, special fees that apply only during the months of October – December, and many other selling obstacles……… believe it or not….. selling on Amazon is way less time consuming than eBay. After I found a few items that were selling, I would just order the products, get them, slap a different shipping label on them, and wait for Amazon FBA to do it’s work. 

I also had some success with Amazon sponsored product advertising. I’ve had experience advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other ad networks. Once you learn one platform, you basically can figure out them all. Advertising led to 2 successful sales.

If I am able to build up some inventory on Amazon without hitting a hurdle, advertising will become a huge part of my day-to-day time spent on selling. This is a stark contrast to eBay where most of the time spent is on listing and fulfilling the order.

If you are a seller and aren’t using advertising, you are behind the curve.

I’ve also done 3 podcasts on selling on eBay and Amazon that provide additional information. You can find those on Sports Card Radio.

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