Can You List Group Breaks on eBay?

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Question: How easy is it to list a group break on eBay?”

While technically I think it’s actually against eBay’s terms of service to list breaks – view that policy here – I think sellers are able to get away with it by structuring the listing correctly. You’d actually be selling a “top loader” or “pen” or something of that nature, and the group break would be a “bonus item” that the buyer gets by purchasing from you. Bonus items are allowed on eBay if you follow very specific rules detailed – on this page – Be sure to check some of the breakers who list on eBay to get an example of how to list, some probably pay more attention than others.

I would try to not sell breaks on eBay though. Not only could there be complications with their terms of service, but the fees will eat into an already slim margin. If I were to do it, I would just take a long term horizon and try and fill breaks though the normal channels.

By creating and building an email list, using social media, having a good website, treating customers well, etc all can lead to success.

I would also promote your breaks and website in every package you send out through single card sales on eBay. It will make your sales on eBay more productive as you’ll get some people to go to your website and check out your breaks and content. Be patient and try to take a long term approach.

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